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Welcome to Pegasus Northwest

To be a “World Class Manufacturer” through commitment to excellence, continuous improvement, and accountability to requirements in order to ensure our customers the highest quality products and service on time at a competitive price. (PNW QMS-01)

About Us

Pegasus Northwest Manufacturing Water-Jet Cutting

Pegasus has built an exceptional reputation of quality and service and has been considered the premier Water -Jet cutter in the Pacific Northwest since 1997. Specializing in precise computer controlled cutting of a vast range of materials, we consider meeting the tightest tolerances to be the hallmark of our waterjet cutting services. Our customers consider us the “Composite Specialists” due to our creative tooling and extensive R&D with this hard to process material.


  • Superior Service

    Our efforts have earned Pegasus NW, Inc. the Boeing Presidents Award for “Supplier of the Year”, the CCIP award (Boeing Continuous Cost Improvement Program) and the 2007 Boeing Performance Excellence Award.

  • Green Shop

    At Pegasus NW, we believe that is it our responsibility to minimize the impact our business has on the environment. All of the byproducts from our manufacturing processes are recycled or reclaimed and there are no green house gasses that are emitted into the environment.

  • Recycled Enviroment

    — Closed loop water system

    — Garnet abrasive recovery recycle system

    — No negative footprint on environment

  • Certified & Qualified

    Our AS-9100 Rev-C certified and DPD approved manufacturing plant stands ready to build a partnership that allows us to take on your most special and demanding job! We’ll figure out the hard stuff so you can reap the benefits of time, waste and cost improvement.

What Others Say About Us

“Always delivers.  Scary to say but I don’t shop anymore.  Keep it up, the bar is set high”

Bob KellerFootprint Exhibits

I am highly satisfied by the competitive, on time and excellent quality at Pegasus.  I would recommend them to a friend or colleague anytime.

Dan StarkHirschler Manufacturing

Both service and product have exceeded my expectations

Dan SheltonBaker Manufacturing